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Luke’s former account

Acts 1:1-26

The day the spirit came

Acts 2:1-41

The Jerusalem Church

Acts 2:36-47

Miracle at the beautiful gate

Acts 3:1-26

Persecution follows preaching

Acts 4:1-31

An attack from within

Acts 4:32-5:11

On trial again

Acts 5:12-42

Stephen the first martyr

(Family Service)

Acts 7:1-60

Revival in Samaria

Acts 8:1-26

The Gospel goes to Africa

Acts 8:26-40

He got converted

Acts 9:1-25

Peter opens the door

Acts 9:32-10:48

Herod’s persecution and death

Acts 12:1-24

The Holy Spirit is vital

Acts 13:1-5

Take the Opportunity

Acts 13:6-9

Brother’s Keeper (Family Service)

Acts 14:1-20

The Council of Jerusalem

Acts 15:1-29

Into Europe… with the Gospel

Acts 16:1-34

You can know Him (Family Service)

Acts 17:1-34

The Gospel comes to Corinth

Acts 18:1-28

Paul at Ephesus

Acts 19:1-10

Paul at Ephesus

Acts 20:1-38

What a difference the same word makes.

Acts 21:1-26

Paul’s Testimony

Acts 21:1-27 - 22:30


Acts 23:1-18

My times are in your hands

Acts 24:1-23

Paul’s appeal to Caesar

Acts 25:1-22

Paul’s testimony

Acts 25:23-26:23

It shall be just as God has said

Acts 27:1-26

Who by? Luke – the gospel writer. For His gospel Luke consulted eyewitnesses. For parts of the book of Acts, Luke himself was an eyewitness.

Who to? Theophilus – a Christian reader (also mentioned in Luke’s gospel)

When? The book closes in Rome around 60-64 AD

Why written? “To give the history of the planting and extension of the Church among the Jews and the Gentiles…., beginning at Jerusalem and ending at Rome”.

How is it set out? Starts with the Ascension to heaven of the Lord Jesus Christ followed by the descent from heaven of the Holy Spirit then the outworking of that descent in the life of the new Church. Two great divisions: Acts 1-12 Peter is the central figure and the scene is Jerusalem. Acts 13 -28 Paul is the central figure and the Gentile Churches are the field of his operations.

Why is it called Acts? Nothing to do with acting, but the full title: Acts of the Apostles tells us something. But even the title Acts of the Apostles is not completely appropriate: it is really about the Acts of the Risen Lord by His Holy Spirit through the apostles.

Why study it? Acts shows us what the early church was like and how the early disciples lived and thought and acted. There is a challenge to every believer and every Church to live as they lived, love as they loved, give as they gave and witness as they witnessed.

Amazing Acts - is all about Christ. His life, death and resurrection and ascension.

Do you know Him as your Saviour, your Lord and your king? If not, you need to trust Him today

Amazing Acts – is all about the Holy Spirit, He came at Pentecost and will lead the Church until Jesus Himself returns

Do you know the presence, the power and the personality of the Holy Spirit in your life?

Amazing Acts – is all about the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – the only place on earth where the living God is manifest, speaks and saves. Not a building made of bricks and mortar but worldwide community of the those who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are you a member of that community by faith in the Lord, commitment to a local expression of that worldwide community?

Amazing Acts…

Forty days after the Lord Jesus Christ died and risen again He returned bodily to heaven. He told His wondering disciples to wait in Jerusalem for ‘the promise of the Father’. Ten days later the Holy Spirit descended in power to earth. The Church was born and the world has never been the same since. The book of Acts is the history of the Christian Church – today this Church and many others worldwide are part of that history.

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