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Then were there brought unto Him little children, that He should put His hands on them and pray.        (Matthew 19:13)

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Adam and Eve lived in a perfect world. They lived in garden called Eden. There were no weeds or thorns. There were lots of trees full of fruit in the garden. In the middle of the garden there were two trees, one called the tree of Life and the other called he tree of knowledge of good and evil.

God told Adam and Eve they could eat the fruit of any of the trees in the garden but they could not eat the fruit from the tree, if they did they would know good and evil  and they would die.

The devil came to Eve in the form of a serpent and said, "Has God said you can not eat the fruit of all the trees?". Eve told the serpent which trees they could touch and which trees they couldn't. "You wont die." said the serpent, "You will become like God." Eve took the fruit and gave it to Adam. They disobeyed God. Immediately they realised they had done wrong and were naked and so made clothes out of fig leaves. Later when they heard God they hid themselves. God knew what they had done. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent.  

Sin had now entered the world and nothing would be the same again. God spoke to the serpent "You will crawl on your belly from now on." Thorns and weeds would now grow and Adams work in the garden would be hard. Eve was told giving birth would be painful. But God made a promise that one day He would send His son, a descendent of Eve. He would live a perfect life and then die and pay the punishment for our sins.

God made Adam and Eve tunics of fur and put them out of the garden. An angel with a fiery sword guarded the tree of life so no one could eat it.

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