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Recent Sermons

Every two months we have a topical talk at our  

‘Food for thought’ meeting. Follow link to hear some of these talks.

Food for thought!



Is there really a God ?


Is the Bible really true ?


What's wrong with the world ?


Ticket to heaven?


What is the answer to terrorism?

DNA... Chance or design?


Is life worth living?

Who wants  to be a millionaire

Intelligent Design

Why doesn't God stop the trouble?


Fake or Real Christianity?


Back from the brink!


How can I know real peace?

Do you have the X Factor

What am I doing here?

Are miracle make belief?

Can a bad person  be saved?

Religious but not right

Why do good things happen to bad people?

Is Jesus God?

Natural Disasters, are they punishment from God?

Christianity and Science - Friends or foes


Money , money, money… in it to win it

It’s not what it seems

How good do you have to be to go to heaven

What is the point of pain?

When will the world end?

Why is the cross of Christ so important?

Are you ready to die?

Creation or evolution, does it matter?


The missing piece!

What’s so special about Jesus?

Does anyone know what we are living for?

Does atheism make sense

How can I forgive and forget

Why good people don’t go to heaven

What’s so amazing about Grace?


Who do you think you are?

Does God belive in atheists

Can we know what the future holds?


Why are there so many tragedies among celebrities?

Would God send good people from other faiths to hell?


The resurrection of Jesus - fact, fiction or fantasy?

Can I know for sure that I am going to heaven?

Is there anyone out there, what about UFO’s and ET?

What if  God is not dead?

Has God got a plan?

Is there life after debt?

Suppose there had been no Easter?

What is the answer to atheism?

Is belief the death of intelligence

What does gender mean today?

Talks about the basics of Christianity.

If you have missed the  talks which we have done but  would like to hear what the Bible has to say about these topics. This series of talks is available to listen to or downloaded. Along with a presentation from the talk.

We invite you to join us for a short talk looking at what the Bible has to say on the months topic. During the meeting there will also be an interview with a person who comes to the church, who has come to believe what the Bible says for themselves. Come along and consider with us these important questions


Following the meeting we will have a buffet meal where you are invited to stay and if you want to ask questions you will have an opportunity.

There will also be a special programme run for children who accompany their parents.

Click on the Sermon below to hear the message

To download the sermon to your computer:-  Right click on the required sermon link and choose 'Save Target As'. Then just save it somewhere on your computer.