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John 17 Christ’s Prayer

Every 18 months we have a weekend away as a Church fellowship. This year (2012) we went to Bawtry Hall, just outside Doncaster and had a very good weekend together.

Excellent Bible Ministry was provided by Pastor Jim Waterworth, minister of Upton Baptist Church near Chester. We were encouraged to learn some lessons from John 17 Jesus prayer for...

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John 17:1-5

Christ’s prayer

John 17:1-5

The Christians relationship with God

John 17:1-5

The priority of prayer

John 17:6-24

The Christians future

John 17:20-26

Christian Unity and the world

The Lord’s prayer

The Lord’s prayer is one of the best known passages in the Bible. People who are unfamiliar with the history of Abraham or the writings of the prophets nevertheless know something of the Lord’s prayer and many can recite it by heart.

The Lord’s prayer occurs twice in Scripture, both times taught by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. In Matthew’s gospel the prayer occurs in chapter 6 and forms the centre piece of the Sermon on the Mount. In Luke’s gospel an un-named disciple asked Jesus: ‘Lord, teach us to pray’, the Lord’s prayer was the response given by Jesus.

In this short series we look at the Lord’s prayer in distinction to the ‘show off’ prayers of the Pharisees and the meaningless prayers of the heathen. ‘Don’t pray like that’, says the Lord. In contrast in the Lord’s prayer Jesus teaches all the principles for our daily communion in prayer with God our Father. It is clear, concise and comprehensive, covering all of life’s problems and eventualities for the past, present and future. It begins and ends with God our Father and is a masterpiece of teaching in a few words.



The Lords Prayer - God and His Glory

Matthew  6:5-15

The Lords Prayer - Man and his needs

Matthew  6:5-15

The Lords Prayer - Pray like Jesus

Luke 11:1-13

The Lords Prayer - 2 examples of prayer

Luke 11:1-13