Dovecot Evangelical Church 424 East Prescot Road,   Liverpool,   L14 2EH

There are many other Christian Organisations we have an interest in, to find out what other works are going on in the this country and across the world, please look at the Link pages (listed in alphabetical order) for further details.                  A to C          D to L          M to Z

1.  Bank Hall Mission,

153 Knowsley Rd, Bootle, L20 4NN

Main meetings on Sunday at 11.00am + 6.30pm

2.  Belvidere Road Church,

Belvidere Road,  Liverpool, L8 3TG

Main meetings on Sunday at 10.15am + 6.00pm

3.  Bethany Baptist Chapel,

Copplehouse Lane, Liverpool L10 0AF

Main meetings on Sunday at 11am + 6.00pm

4.  Bethel Church,

Green Lane,  Liverpool, L13 7EA

Main meetings on Sunday at 10.45am + 6.30pm

5.  Calvary Independent Baptist Church,

Pilchbank Road,  Liverpool, L14 7PH

Main meetings on Sunday at 11.00am + 6.30pm

6.  Dovecot Evangelical Church,

424 East Prescot Rd, Liverpool, L14 2EH   

Main meetings on Sunday at 11.00am + 6.30pm

If you would like any further information concerning Listen Liverpool, please contact the secretary by email,  or look at the website for events and what we believe.


Listen Liverpool Churches

These are group of like minded churches who meet to encourage the evangelisation of Liverpool. Organising 'Open Air' meetings in the city centre, other times arranging meetings with speakers like Ken Ham on creation.

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