Dovecot Evangelical Church 424 East Prescot Road,   Liverpool,   L14 2EH

Day Light

DAYLIGHT, although independent, has grown out of, and works with, Day One Prison Ministries, to bring the gospel and the Bible's teaching to prisoners, throughout the UK.

Day One

You will find information to help and encourage you in the vitally important issue of keeping the Lord's Day - a principle laid down by God himself. Sadly, in these days, too few Christians realise the importance of this issue in the health of the church & our nation.

Sunday School

This is intended to help Christians involved with Children. You will find a range of ideas, material and resources including  Bible quizzes, songs based on bible stories, wordsearch games, and ideas for training children to find and memorize scriptures.

Gideons International

The website is intended to help visitors learn more about God and to build a relationship with him, by reading the Holy Bible. The Bible is a collection of 66 books, written over 1,500 years and completed nearly 2000 years ago. Yet it has stood the test of time.

Jesus - Islam

To present to our Muslim friends what true followers of Jesus believe and practice. To give clear answers to the questions and accusations they bring against the Bible.  To clarify the foundations of the Christian faith.

Know Your Bible Recordings

The website aims to make more widely available the messages preached by Stuart Olyott which to a wider audience. These are Bible based, clear and yet very easy to understand.

Listen Liverpool

A group of like minded churches meet to encourage the evangelisation of Liverpool. Organising 'Open Air' meetings in the town centre, other times arrangeing teaching meetings.

Liverpool City Mission

The LCM is a Charity whose aims are to present the evangelical Christian Gospel of Jesus Christ, as written in the Bible to the people of Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire

Liverpool Homeless Outreach

The work aims to take the gospel in a non-threatening manner, to provide basic needs such as food and clothing, to share information and support to those in need.

John’s Gospel

Take a closer look at the life of Jesus in John’s eyewitness account.

This site is designed to help you as you read through John’s Gospel. There are a collection of video clips to be viewed after reading each chapter of John’s account.

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