Over the years we have been blessed with many talks covering a wide range of topics, here are just a few of those talks which are here to give a taste of the preaching at Dovecot. We have a series given at a Church weekend, a series of evangelistic talks on topical issues and a series on the Gospel of Luke.

All the talks are based on the Word of God, where the meaning of the passages are expounded so we can have a better understanding of what God is teaching us in His Word.

MP3 Files

In order to keep file size, and consequently Internet download time, to an acceptable minimum our MP3 files have been produced to a definition that is lower than that normally used for commercially produced MP3 files. This definition has been chosen so as to keep any affect on the listening experience to a minimum.

You will be able to download the talks by clicking on the speaker picture or reference which is underlined as a Hyperlink.

To download the sermon to your computer:-  Right click on the required sermon link and choose 'Save Target As'. Then just save it somewhere on your computer.

If you experience problems playing the MP3 files, please let us know using our email address which may be found on the bottom of each page.

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