Prayer is vital to the work of the church so before our main services in the morning and evening we meet together and have a time when we pray to God and ask Him to help us to understand more as we listen to the Bible being explained.

Sunday Meetings.

Each week we meet at 11am and later at 6.30pm to praise God through prayer and hymn singing.

We learn more about God in a short study of His Word from the bible and listen as it is explained by a preacher.

The first 15 minutes of the service is designed to be child friendly where after the first hymn and prayer we have a short talk, quiz  or other  item suitable for children. Following this the children go off to join their Sunday school groups.

On the first Sunday of each month we have a family service where the children stay in with their parents and we have a short talk for everyone followed by refreshments.

Sunday School

Throughout the year whilst the morning Adult Church service is taking place we hold a Sunday School for children aged 4 to 13 Years (Children must be toilet trained).

Here we sing songs, have quizzes, play games and read stories from the Bible.

There are prizes for regular attendance and we also have some special activities for all the children who come along. A Christmas party and an outing in summer.

For the very young children and babies there is a creche which runs at the same time.

On the first Sunday in each Month we hold our family service where all ages meet together for a service, and then head in to the back of the church hall for refreshments later.

In the Church we have many families with children of all ages, and we would love to welcome more. If you would like some more information about Sunday School please contact us on our email or even better come along and meet us.

The Sunday School has it's own website which is  intended to help Christians involved in Children's ministry. On the website you will find a range of material, ideas and resources including children's bible quizzes, songs based on bible stories, bible wordsearch games, and ideas for training children to find and memorize scriptures.

Communion Service

We have a communion time most Sunday’s. It is straight after the evening service. This is a service for believers, those who have a personal relationship with God because they have trusted for their salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. We remember the death of Jesus as he commanded us to. We eat simple bread and drink simple (non-alcoholic) wine, which symbolize his broken body and shed blood. During this time we spend time praying, praising and thanking God for what He did for us. Then listen to a message to remind us of what Christ did when he died on the cross for us.

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