Dovecot Evangelical Church 424 East Prescot Road,   Liverpool,   L14 2EH

Testimonies should be up to date, not what happened 20,30,40 years ago, so I will be brief on the historical details.

I was brought up in Kirkdale Baptist Tabernacle, and I thank God for Christian parents and grandparents – but that didn’t make me a Christian. We had a new minister from Scotland and it was through his sound preaching that in November 1933, when I was still at school, that I asked the Lord Jesus Christ into my life, and came to Him for cleansing.

But forgiveness of sin isn’t a “one-off”, I go on sinning in the things I do, say, and think, and God in His mercy goes on forgiving me. Someday I shall stand before the Holy God spotless because of what Jesus did for me. As the old hymn puts it – “Bold shall I stand in that great day, for who ought to my charge shall lay? Fully absolved through Thee I am, from sin and fear, from guilt and shame.”

Not only does God go on forgiving me but He has guided me all these years through life’s experiences, such as a broken engagement 10 weeks before the wedding; through giving up work at 53 to look after my parents; and through breast cancer in 1988.

He has been with me too in my church life, guiding me to the church He would have me attend. I have played the organ in many of the churches where I have been a member and I am still playing in the services at Dovecot Evangelical Church where I now go.

We love Him because He first loved us.

1 John 4:19

“If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.

John 7:37