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Recent Sermons

Every two months we have a topical talk at our  

‘Food for thought’ meeting. Follow link to hear some of these talks.


This year (2010) once again we spent an enjoyable Church weekend at Bawtry Hall near Doncaster.

Our speaker for the weekend was Jason Duffin, who serves as an elder of Glencroft Church and also as vice Chairman of United Beach Missions.

Jason brought challenging Bible ministry from 5 of the parables of the Lord Jesus Christ. Click on the titles opposite to listen in.

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Luke 16 v 1-31

The Rich man and Lazarus

The Godly has a wealth in heaven and is approved of by God. The Worldly lives for profit, pleasure, possessions and position, this ruins him and will all be lost at death. Eternity is certain, we have no second chance and it is either heaven or hell.

Matt 13 v 1-9  18-23

The Sower

Four types of heart, a hard heart, a shallow heart, a choked heart or a good heart What type of heart do you have?

Matt 25 v 14-30

The Talents

God gives to all his servants, each receive different amounts, but he expects all to be used for his cause,  but are you using his gifts?

Luke 14 vs 7-24

The Great Supper

An invitation to heaven given by God to everyone, all we have to to to respond to his invitation. If you are one of his servants, you have job to do, to take the invitations out, to be faithful in his work.

Matt 13 v 24-30,


The wheat and the tares

Living for the king in a hostile environment. We need to remember that there are 2 types of people, lost and saved. We have been planted by God, but there is a real enemy who is against us. Who or what are you living for?