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Then were there brought unto Him little children, that He should put His hands on them and pray.        (Matthew 19:13)

Children's To Children's Home Page The Kings Pride

Nebuchadnezzar had a second dream and called for Daniel, as he knew God could tell him what the dream meant. Nebuchanezzar told Daniel the dream...

"There was a huge tree that seemed to fill the earth. It's leaves were lovely, there was lots of fruit on it, animals lived under it and birds nested in it's branches. Then someone said 'Chop down the tree, just leave the stump and let it get wet with the dew.'"

Daniel was worried, for he knew what the dream meant.

"The tree is you! You are a great king and in control of many, but you will be driven away from your kingdom into the fields to live with the animals, you will eat grass like oxen and become wet with the dew. After seven years you will see that God is the one who has given you your power, it is Him who you owe everything to. Please confess the wrong you have done and your pride and show mercy to the poor."

All of this came true. One year later, Nebuchadnezzar was walking in the royal palace and said to himself "Isn't this great Babylon which I have built by my power and for my majesty." At that moment God spoke to Nebuchadnezzar, he was driven out of the palace by his men and began to eat the grass like an animal. His hair grew like feathers and his nails like birds claws.

Years later, when Nebuchadnezzar realised that it is God who controls all things and who gives us all things, his reason returned to him and he was welcomed back into the palace. His kingdom was restored to him and he acknowledged the God of Heaven who rules all things, who is just and who can put down any who walk in pride.

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