Dovecot Evangelical Church 424 East Prescot Road,   Liverpool,   L14 2EH

I was brought up in a religious home, believed in God, and went to church every week. But in my teenage years I began to feel that religion was just an empty ritual. I have always had many interests including music, around which my life began to revolve at that time. As a child I had learned to play the piano, but it was as a guitarist that I joined a local rock group, playing in the night clubs and dance halls of Merseyside. I was also studying for a degree in electrical engineering at the same time, so life was quite busy.

When I was 20, I met my wife Sandra, and we began to make plans to get married. But sometimes I lay awake at night thinking to myself, “What’s the point of filling my life with different things, if one day I must leave it all behind, and become just a name on a gravestone?” I was concerned that I would one day have to face God, and wondered how good I needed to be, in order to be sure of going to heaven. My religion didn’t seem to offer any certainty at all. Around that time Sandra’s friend invited us along to her church in Dovecot (which later became Dovecot Evangelical Church), and that was the start of a period that completely transformed both our lives. Through listening to different preachers, reading the Bible for myself, and talking to various Christians, I began to realise that getting to heaven was not dependent on what I did for God, but rather on what Jesus Christ had already done for me, when he died on the cross to pay for my sin. Both Sandra and I placed our trust in Jesus Christ, and from that time onwards we found that our lives had a new direction, and a new purpose.

Now over thirty years later I can look back and see God’s hand in everything that has happened to me. For many years I have led the Sunday School and Holiday Bible Club, and I also share in the preaching and teaching ministry of the church. I rarely play my guitar nowadays, although I still have an interest in music, and have written several children’s songs based on Bible stories.

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