Dovecot Evangelical Church 424 East Prescot Road,   Liverpool,   L14 2EH

Hello my name is Tracey. When I was sixteen I started to attend the youth club at a church at the top of my road where I lived in Birkenhead. We used to play games such as table tennis, snooker and drawing. Halfway through the session the leaders would stop and give us a short talk about Jesus and what He had done for us on the cross.  

At the club there was always some children who used to be asked to leave each week because of their bad behaviour, but they were always told that they could come back next week if they behaved. I was intrigued by this because some of their behaviour was bad yet the leaders never lost their patience with the kids. I began to wonder why they were so nice. The leaders told me that they were Christians; people who loved God and had asked for His forgiveness.

I went to the youth club week after week, still asking the same questions and getting some really good answers back. One week we arrived and there were a different group of people there, as well as the leaders. There was a couple of missionaries called John and Daniel, from America, they were really nice people, the same as our leaders. My question this time was that they had come a long way from America yet they still had the same message. We were invited to a special meeting when they were due to go back home to wish them well. Daniel spoke at this meeting and he asked us that if we were to die tonight where would we go to – Heaven or Hell. Even though there were lots of people in the meeting, I felt that I was the only person there.

On the way home I couldn’t get his words out of my mind and I knew I had to act. Heaven or Hell? All the questions and answers suddenly struck home as I then became a Christian myself at the age of seventeen. Even now I can say that God has kept me through the highs and lows of life, and honestly say that I wouldn’t have it any other way. My advice to you is to keep asking questions but don’t leave it too long.

You are God, and Your words are true

2 Samuel 7:28

For I know that my Redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on the earth;

Job 19:25