Click on the video player below and listen to our story, once you have listened to the talk please answer the questions below. Them Click on the RED PDF and print the print and colour it in.             

Take 'The Good News Club' Quiz
1. Where did they put Jesus after He died?
2. What time of day was it when our story started?
3. What day of the week was it?
4. Who came to Jesus’ tomb first?
6. Who did they see standing by them?
7. What did the angels tell them?
8. On their way to tell the others who did they see?
9. Who ran straight into the tomb when he got there?
10. Who wasn’t with the disciples when Jesus appeared to them in the room?

What had happened to the stone that had been put in front of the tomb?

How did they know Jesus was real and not a ghost? 

When Jesus appeared there the second time what did he tell Thomas to do?

Thanks for doing the quiz!