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Finger Puzzle

Why not make a finger puzzle and try it out!

Open the picture and colour it in.

What happened at the Cross - Quiz
1. What 2 places did Steve say we would visit?
2. What book in the Bible was the verse from that Steve spoke about?
4. What 3 words beginning with ‘S’ did Steve use to describe what sin does?
5. What does the verse tell us that sheep do?
7. What did Steve say that sin is like when it spoils?
8. Who were the cause of sin spreading to the whole human race?
3. What animal does the verse speak about?
6. Whose way does the verse tell us sheep go?get when you mix blue and yellow?
9. Who can’t look at sin?
11. What time of day did Jesus die?

10,  5 items were used in the science experiment.  Can you write beside each what they were for or represent?

White bowl


Brown liquid


Small glass

12.  Write out the verse we learnt about from Isaiah ch 53 v 6

Thanks for doing the quiz!