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Family Service - Quiz
1. How many miles away was Jonathan’s house?
2. What direction did the lounge window face?
3. What occasion was the story about?
4. How many young ladies were waiting for the bridegroom?
5. What had the 5 wise ladies taken?
6. What happened at midnight?
7. Why did the foolish ladies panic?
8. What happened when the foolish ladies were away trying to buy oil?
9. What does the Bible tell us happened after the bridegroom and the 5 wise ladies went in?
10. What was Jesus teaching us to be ready for in this story?

Fill in the missing words in the verse from Matthew chapter 25 verse 13:


__  __  __  __  __  therefore, for you know neither they  __  __  __ nor the  __  __  __  __ 


in which the __  __  __  of  __  __  __  is __  __  __  __  __  __.


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