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What is it?

The Food Bank occurs on a weekly basis (term time) each Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 3pm & involves distributing food to those who have brought a Food Bank Voucher.


How is the Food Bank run?

The Food Bank is run by unpaid church volunteers from church.


What Do We Do?

We distribute food items to a person(s) who has brought a valid food bank voucher.       

The voucher is then processed by one of our volunteers and then the food is sorted & packed in bags, by our packing team ready to give to the person(s).

People that come to us may be distressed, upset or anxious. We try to put them at ease with a friendly conversation & a hot drink and also see if there are any other needs that they may have i.e. financial, emotional, or mental etc.

We have various contact numbers of agencies that may be able to help the person(s) given to us by the Trussell trust.

We also do our best to make the person think about their ‘spiritual needs’ and have a table with gospels & tracts as well as church calendars and information with our various church services & meetings on.

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