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Isaiah has been called “The Bible in Miniature” and with good reason. Dividing into 2 main sections of 39 chapters (Part 1) and 27 chapters (Part 2), the structure and main themes of Isaiah reflect the structure and central message of the bible as a whole. Of all the Old Testament books, Isaiah gives us the most complete picture of God’s plan of salvation, and of His Son, Jesus, through whom that salvation is made possible. This first series covers the entire first section apart from Chapters 36-39 (which will be dealt with separately). The main theme of the first section  is “Judgement”, though it becomes clear that the ultimate purpose of  God’s judgement is to bless His people. We are also given glimpses of the Messiah, the one who through whom the promised blessings will become a reality, and several pictures of what His kingdom will be like.


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