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Hi, my name is Arthur and I have been coming to Dovecot Church since babyhood. 25th January 1954 is the day I became a Christian, I was 12 years old. It was a Tuesday night at the Young Peoples Fellowship meeting...

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It became incredibly apparent to me, without a shadow of a doubt, that Jesus is God. The cross and resurrection fully prevented any doubt in my mind. 


Through attending Dovecot and listening to the messages each week, gradually I began to realise that I wasn’t entitled to enter heaven based on being a good person or attending church.


I prayed there and then, thanking the Lord Jesus for dying for me on the cross for my sins and asking Him for forgiveness and to come into my life. I had got right with God.

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The Lord’s changed my heart. I understand what life is about now and why I’m here.  I’m no longer ‘searching for something’ – I’ve found someone – Jesus! He’s my friend. But most of all He’s my Saviour!

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From an early age I was encouraged to go to St Mark’s Church with my family where I was christened and attended Sunday School. Then from the age of 10 we moved to a new house, so we started attending St Anne’s Stanley on Prescot Road where I was confirmed.

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My work took me around the world, I also lived in numerous places around the UK, but I was never fulfilled. I eventually moved and settled in Southern Ireland and while there, I started to look for God because my life continued to be empty and meaningless.

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