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Leviticus is the third book in the Bible after Genesis (the book of beginnings) and Exodus (the book of redemption). Many of its chapters comprise very words that God Himself uttered and Moses wrote down. This series takes look at this important book making application to our daily lives.



‘How many Christians have resolved to read through the entire Bible and made good progress through Genesis and Exodus only to hit a wall and give up when they reach Leviticus? With all of its different laws regarding the Old Covenant priesthood and various sacrifices, it can be quite difficult to understand. We often find ourselves asking about Leviticus, “What does this mean, and how is it relevant today?”


When the meaning of the book is grasped, however, and we begin to see the way in which these laws foreshadowed the Person and work of Jesus Christ, the reading of this magnificent part of God’s inspired Word becomes an encouraging and edifying joy rather than a chore.’ (Keith Mathison, Ligonier Ministries, 2008)


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