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Christ in the Psalms

Background: Perhaps part of Scripture is more appreciated by God's people than the Psalms. For thousands of years and for countless believers, the Psalms have been a comfort in life's troubles, a guide in life's journeys and provided a hope for life's end. In this series however we do not want only to show how the Psalms relate to us, but rather what the Psalms say of Christ.


During His earthly ministry, when the Lord Jesus Christ was physically present on earth, His disciples learned from Him as they walked with Him through the towns and villages of Israel. After His resurrection, for forty days He was also seen by them and on more than one occasion He directed their attention to the Scriptures. He told His disciples: ‘… all things which were written in the law of Moses and the prophets and the PSALMS’ concerning Me’. After His ascension they would see Him physically no more, but they would encounter Him henceforward in the Scriptures, including the Psalms. The aim of this series is to preach Christ from the Psalms.


In this series, key Psalms are studied with the aim to:
(i) Show how the Psalm spoke to its original hearers and was relevant to them, in their context.
(ii) Preach Christ from that psalm - what does it say and teach about HIM?
(iii) Explain how the Psalm is relevant to and speaks to us today.

In making application to our lives three questions are asked:
         What practical lessons do we learn?
         What is God’s message for us today from this Psalm?
         How should we live in the light of this Psalm?



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