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Introduction: For many Christians the Bible is a bewildering book of prophets, kingdoms and kings, historical narrative and miraculous happenings. When we look inside we find in addition poems, songs, letters and proverbs. How does it fit together? Where is the story going? Too few Christians have a grasp of the ‘Big Picture’ and Bible timeline. This series is an attempt to give an overview of the Bible, its main themes, all the time focusing on its central message: the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ.


1. God’s wonderful Word: origin, authority and clarity.

Application: read it     Reading: Psalm 19


2. Creation: Genesis 1-2 God, Man, Sabbath, Marriage: Application: believe it    Reading: Gen 1


3. Curse: Genesis 2-3: Sin Death and Gospel promise: Application: sin: leave it    Reading: Gen 3


4. Catastrophe: Genesis 6-7: judgement, mercy. Application: RU in the Ark:

Application:  enter it    Reading: Gen 6


5. Calling: Gen 11-12 God’s call to Abraham.

Application: follow it            Reading: Gen 11


6. Covenant: the Ten Commandments

Application: Obey Him    Reading: Exodus 20


7. Christ in the Old Testament: our prophet, priest and king:

Application:  serve Him           Reading: 2 Samuel 7


8. Christ in the New Testament: our saviour, sin bearer and sovereign:

Application:  love Him    Reading: Matthew 2


9. Church: God’s people on earth, God’s dwelling place and Christ’s bride

Application: join it    Reading: Luke 1:26-38


10. Consummation: Revelation as the culmination in the new heavens and new earth, and restoration of all that Man lost in Eden, the marriage of the Lamb and the final exit of sin and death.

Application: Enjoy it    Reading: Revelation 22


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