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Sunday Meetings 14th February 2015

Morning Service: 11 am

Steve Taylor

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Next Food for thought

21st February ‘16


Speaker - Vinny Commons

Why good people

don’t go to Heaven


Evening Service: 6.30pm

Guest Speaker

This is a faithful saying and worthy

of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners,

of whom I am chief.

1 Timothy 1:15


Written by M.W.Petchey (2015)

I saw a brand new Santa Claus today-

And as I gazed at his array

A thought occurred across my mind-

He’s cheerful, bright and very kind

But is this what Christmas really means?

Do we look at the wrong scenes?

Why all the pomp and twinkling lights?

Have we somehow crossed our sights?

Millions of people welcome him

In his handsome coat so trim.

What does this festive time just mean?

Do we look at the wrong scene?

For some two thousand years ago

The Bible tells us we should know

The Great Creator, three in one

Sent His well-beloved Son

Jesus, Saviour is His name.

From Heaven’s Glory down He came.

Born in a stable, a humble birth,

Lived for three and thirty years on earth,

To show us sinners how to be

Reconciled to God, made free

Then He was cruelly put to death

Upon the Cross;-with His last breath

He asked forgiveness for those who killed.

Then back to Heaven as God had willed.

Is this the ending of the story?

No indeed – He’s back in Glory,

To walk with us and save from sin

All those who came in faith to Him

Then one day He’ll come again

And take us back with Him to reign.

So what has all this got for us?

Why Father Christmas? Why the fuss?

I came to see our emphasis

Has completely gone amiss. -

For Jesus Christ has been displaced

Fiction for Truth, not Bible based.

Will you not give priority

From myths to truth and be set free?

Week of Prayer

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